Shavawn Berry

Shavawn Berry


Writer, teacher, poet, editor, empath, seeker, songbird and, yes, Elton John freak. Seek opportunities to write, blog, rant, confess, interview, research, and illuminate the lives of my subjects.

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The Good Men Project

Fatherless Child | The Good Men Project

What I miss. I miss his callused hands and the way he said my name. I miss the language he used: the slang from the forties and fifties like hot-diggity-dog and lickedy-split. I miss the way he looked at me at the end of his life: with pride, sadness, regret and love. I miss the way that he believed in me: wholeheartedly, with nothing held back.

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The Good Men Project

Don't Go Back to Sleep: The World Desperately Needs You -

We’ve escaped the dangerous, deliciously inviting cottage that inhabited our nightmares. We’ve managed to counter-act the spell we’ve been under, avoiding certain death. We’ve foiled our nemesis and broken the snare that has entrapped us for far too long. We’re running free. Can you feel it? Any minute now, everything will change.