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Writer, teacher, poet, editor, empath, seeker, songbird and, yes, Elton John freak. Seek opportunities to write, blog, rant, confess, interview, research, and illuminate the lives of my subjects.

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Falling Into Wonderland

Don’t Forget to Have a Big, Juicy, Creative Life | Falling Into Wonderland

So, my advice (to myself, more than anyone else) is to love your big ass and your juicy face and your real life.

Don’t waste your life living up to the expectations of others.

They won’t regret what you didn’t do. You will.

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Falling Into Wonderland

When Things Fall Apart | Falling Into Wonderland


Let them. Open your fist and drop seeds into the damp soil at your feet.

Water them – with your prayers, your effort, your energy, your hope.

Those fields of possibility represent you.

Notice that they stretch for as far as your eye can see.

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Falling Into Wonderland

There's Gold Beneath Your Feet | Falling Into Wonderland

Human beings are vibrating force fields of energy. We draw in what we put out.

Have you ever noticed (be honest) that the people who bitch the most, have the most life experiences to bitch about?

Why is that?

Because they’re living in the ungrateful state of ‘poor-poor-pitiful-me,’ wondering why the world’s largess is being delivered in the county of ‘gawd, it’s a gorgeous day, isn’t it?’

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Falling Into Wonderland

Vulnerability: Allowing Ourselves to be Seen | Falling Into Wonderland

I’ve stopped numbing my sensitive nature. Instead I see my empathy as a valuable life skill. I am gentle, kind, and soft-hearted.

And that’s OK.

If I cannot allow myself to be vulnerable, if I cannot allow myself to be seen as fragile and imperfect, then I will miss out on the best, richest, most luminous parts of life.

And I don’t want to do that anymore.

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Falling Into Wonderland

Quiet: The Blue Hour at Dawn | Falling Into Wonderland

I love being awake while others sleep. It is as though I am living in a world within a world — one that most folks miss out on — too busy walking briskly within the designated lines and structures of modern society. I like being the first to open the page of a new day. I like staring into its crisp white blankness and wondering what will unfold.

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Falling Into Wonderland

Offer Up An Open Heart | Falling Into Wonderland

Expect the unexpected. Things are coming to a head. Secrets will be spilled, fires started, mountains moved. This is just the beginning.

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Falling Into Wonderland

Magic, Madness, and Mistakes | Falling Into Wonderland


Revel in a musky nest.

Every one of us needs several side orders of tasty, truly toe-curling love-bird kisses with ‘someone who thinks [we're] wonderful.’

I know I sure do.

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Falling Into Wonderland

The Greater Good | Falling Into Wonderland


End goals revolve around our need to ‘make meaning’ in our lives. End goals are the goals that encompass what we truly want out of life.

Experiences: Who do I want to spend my time with? What do I most want to experience? What places to I want to see?
Growth: What do I most want to learn? How do I want to grow as an individual during my life?
Contribution: What do I want to do to give back to the larger world? What sort of contribution will I make with my life?

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Falling Into Wonderland

Spring Awakening | Falling Into Wonderland

At any moment, for any one of us, this ride might be over. The only thing we can do with that knowledge — that bittersweet punch in the gut — is live. Make a contribution to life on earth. Grow a bigger heart and soul. Experience love: sticky and sweet and overwhelming as it might be. Get hurt. Get knocked down. Keep going. Go barefoot. Watch the clouds. Savor this precious day. This.

This, my dears, is it.

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Falling Into Wonderland

Trapped at my Desk: A Defiant Elegy | Falling Into Wonderland

Her elegy:

F*ck you, brain cancer
Ottawa, Canada

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Falling Into Wonderland

The Boats That Carried Me

"Angels. Guardians. Guides. Seers. Never doubt their presence or their care for you. I saw them first hand this week. I saw them running to help me after I fell. I saw them in children handing me bags of ice and towels and offering to call an ambulance. I saw them as I stumbled into the ER: angels dressed as doctors and nurses, sopping up my blood, talking to me through the fog surrounding me and making sure I was OK. [...] I saw them in the faces of my friends standing around my bed, telling me over and over, I'd be OK, while some broken part of me floated up by the ceiling, watching it all."

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Falling Into Wonderland

We Can’t Do Everything, But We Can Do Something

However, the reality is, humanity’s greatness lies in the single-minded brilliance and resilience of individual people taking action.

So, what can I do today to change the world? Collectively, drop by drop, person by person, we can turn the tide.

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Falling Into Wonderland

The Gem and the Robe

"It's your mind that creates the world." ~ Buddha

In Buddhism we base our faith upon something called "actual proof."  In other words, there is no such thing as blind faith -- or the belief in some...

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Falling Into Wonderland

The Dragon Girl

The Princess was eight years old before she knew she was different. Until then, she’d always thought of herself as strikingly beautiful with her human torso and mermaid tail. Long hair danced around her face whenever she swam. Her tail, with its iridescent green scales and translucent apple-green fin, was her best personal attribute. The red jewel embedded in her forehead sparkled in shafts of sunlight cascading through the waters in which she swam. A fiery smile and wild streak often got her into trouble with other water sprites.

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Falling Into Wonderland

Sacred Geometry: Transcending Duality

Visual Art Bill Brouard- @ Visual Alchemy

"The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible." ~ Albert Einstein

A couple of nights ago I couldn't sleep.  Finally arou...